The EMAS programme includes various case assignments carried out by teams of four or five students and supervised by academics and/or professional actuaries.

Because our students are already professionally active as an actuarial professional, it is one of the goals of the programme to make full use of the opportunities that arise in such a situation.

The programme aims to optimize the cross-fertilization between working and learning. Case-based learning takes place during the six cases in the EMAS-programme, in which students work together in small groups. Experiences on the job are incorporated in the cases and academic knowledge, gained during the courses of the programme, has to be incorporated in these cases.

During these cases students learn how to use academic knowledge in real life cases. These skills can easily be transferred to the everyday actuarial practice of the student.

In the EMAS programme the following six cases are used:

1. Care Insurance

2. Agricultural Insurance and Food Security

3. Pension fund Recovery plan

4. Banking (Retail mortgages)

5. Valuation of a Life Insurance Portfolio

6. Vision 20/20: challenges and opportunities in a changing environment