Executive Master of Actuarial Science

Our Executive Master of Actuarial Science (EMAS) is your ticket to excellent career prospects. The programme is aimed at individuals who are already professionally active at an academic level, and who are looking for ways to broaden and deepen their knowledge and skills set.

Executive Master of Actuarial Science
EMAS in short
Post bachelor Actuarieel Analist in het kort
Diploma Executive Master of Actuarial Science
Degree Master of Science (MSc)
Mode Part time
Start January (classes are once p/w on Wednesday)
Credits 60 (2 years incl. thesis)
Accreditation NVAO, Koninklijk Actuarieel Genootschap
Language English*
Tuition fees € 29.000**
Preliminary schedule Preliminary Schedule EMAS-14 (2024-2026)

*unless classes are attended solely by Dutch-speaking students, all study materials are in English.

**including study materials, exam (including 1 resit, if applicable) and catering. Extra fee for each additional resit: € 200.

Why choose EMAS?

  • A part-time Executive Master (MSc) for ambitious finance professionals.
  • Interactive courses and cases on a fixed day of the week.
  • Academic and practical lecturers from leading universities and companies.
  • A strong bond with fellow students and an ambitious network.
  • Direct access to the title Actuary AG (Koninklijk Actuarieel Genootschap/Royal Dutch Actuarial Association).

Successful enrolment in our programme is subject to a number of admission requirements. Some students having completed a strongly focused quantitative scientific bachelor’s or master’s education -with electives or compulsory courses in life and non-life insurance and quantitative finance- can be admitted directly to EMAS (BSc Actuarial Science, MSc EOR actuarial track).

However, all students who wish to start in EMAS
do so on the basis of a personal study advice, even with the aforementioned prior education (see PrEMAS). Furthermore, a position in the actuarial field is mandatory at the start of the EMAS.

Two ways to become an actuary at the Actuarieel Instituut

MSc Route

Leads to an official accredited NVAO Master of Science degree:

  • If required: premaster courses
  • All courses and cases with a maximum of three course exemptions
    (max. 13 ECTS)***
  • Master’s thesis is mandatory

AI Route

Leads to an ‘AI-diploma’:

  • If required: premaster courses
  • Exemptions possible for all courses; no case exemptions***
  • Exemption possible for Master’s thesis***

Similarities between the two routes

  • Part-time study
  • Premaster courses are modular
  • Same curriculum
  • Master programme = cohort: you start the study with the same group
    (except the exemptions) as you finish it.
  • Both the EMAS MSc degree as the ‘AI-diploma’ are accepted at the
    Koninklijk Actuarieel Genootschap (AG) to become a member of
    the AG and, subsequently, to be awarded the AAG title.

Differences between the two routes

MSc route

Admission requirement: bachelor degree

Master’s thesis is mandatory

Maximum of exemptions

NVAO accredited MSc diploma


Admission requirement: MSc degree with an actuarial thesis

Master’s thesis is exempted

Maximum of exemptions
No maximum of course exemptions (cases are mandatory)

AI (Actuarieel Insituut) diploma

Generic exemptions for EMAS 14

Course 1: Statistical Methods Course 2: Life and Pensions Course 3: Valuation and hedging Course 4: Risk and regulation
Groningen BSc EOR, MSc EORAS, including: 1) Dependence and Extremes in Risk Management 2) Models for short term Risk Management MSc EORAS, including: Quantitative Finance
Maastricht MSc EOR, including: 1) Life Insurance II 2) Mathematical Finance 3) Thesis on pension topics MSc EOR, including: 1) Life Insurance I 2) Mathematical Finance
Tilburg BSc EOR, MSc QFAS or MSc EME, including: Data Analytics for Non-life Insurance BSc EOR, MSc QFAS, including: 1) Life Insurance 2) Asset Liability Management MSc QFAS, including: Valuation and Risk Management MSc QFAS, including: 1) Risk & Regulation 2) Valuation & Risk Management
Amsterdam (UvA) MSc ASMF MSc ASMF MSc ASMF
Amsterdam (VU) MSc EOR, including: 1) Stochastic Processes: Fundamentals 2) Stochastic Processes for Finance and Derivatives Markets

***All exemptions are subject to the approval by the Board of Examiners. Requests for exemption of courses and/or the master’s thesis will be granted where appropriate. Please be referred to the Onderwijs- en Examenregeling (OER) for further details. Only if students do not start in EMAS, the cost for an exemption application is €75 per exemption. For students starting in the EMAS, exemption applications are free of charge.

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